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Under the pseudonym of iGO® & iGO eBooks™ - A catalyst for innovation in the eBook iBook (iba ePub pdf  mobi - (Kindle Format 8)  rtf  lrf  pdb  DjVu  FB2  POD, & eLearning programmes and is instrumental in the positioning within niche markets specialising in specific disciplines of fundraising & governance for the voluntary sector and synergies with corporates in associated events management, (with networks nationally & internationally).

There are 30 e/iBooks in the 4 genre material series creating a hotbed of new and strategic initiatives. 

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Welcome to iGO eBooks® by Gordon Owen.  

  Hybrid publishing  in Fundraising Training & Voluntary Sector Governance, Organisational & ePublishing Material Series of publications are available in .pdf, eBook, iBooks (.iba),  .rtf, Sony .lrf, Palm Doc .pdb, Amazon/Kindle .mobi - (Kindle Format 8 ),  FB2,  DjVu, and  print (+ POD).   Other supporting material in PowerPoint Presentations are also available on request for interactive training please e-mail us for more information. 

The fundraising training material series provides a guide and reference to techniques, things to consider, plus contacts with url links for new, small, and emerging groups/organisations in the charity sector seeking to improve their engagement with potential funders in the statutory, corporate, and charitable trusts/foundations sectors.

An additional separate VS governance & organisational material series also exists to support organisations, (particularly, new, small, and emerging groups), with their policies, procedures to develop 'best practice’ in striving to deliver effective services.

Please also view one of our webpages to see the range in the series by clicking here for fundraising and here for governance, organisational, and ePublishing material.                                         

Looking forward to serving and supporting you good reading!!    

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